Unequivocally the master of long-form rhymes that hold attention in both rhythm and intensity of story and revelation, Ultra_eko reaches new levels of leadership with this album, in musicality and writing alike. His consistent lack of will to adhere to the so called industry’s expectations culminates, presenting a ‘fuck the scene’ attitude reminiscent of the greats, only from an underground legend as yet unsurpassed in both ability and creative identity.

Always on form but somewhat explicitly pure in the soul-searching found here, Ultra_eko sets up a two-part album release for the new year, preceded by the launch of a powerful new single and video.

Hip Hop

One of our generation’s most prolific and insightful, compelling poets, Ultra_eko blends a dreamlike, piano-led ambiance, with faultless vocals; delivering bar after bar, or page after page of the story, while barely pausing to breathe.

Hip HopTrip Hop

The role of art and music with such a specific backbone is to provoke a certain shared manner of thinking – these topics need to be discussed, and this is where that conversation ultimately begins; with music, or art, which kicks up a fuss, grabs attention, and refuses to be ignored.

Hip Hop