With explosive, soulful guitar solos, and that punk-signature humor laced in the lyrics – this is bound to be your new Noel jam. It becomes evident in every corner of this offering that PMKS is not some new ‘in the moment’ flavor of the week, but a seasoned & battle-hardened band offering licks & lyrics alike that contend with the rock gods of generations past.

Alt RockChristmasPunk Rock

Jupiter In Velvet drives with what initially feels like a classic rock & roll sound – vintage crackles and a strong, raspy vocal lead the way. As this album progresses though, the strength of the songwriting takes centre stage far more noticeably than anything else. 

RockRock & Roll

The shared effect of these releases is that you get to witness both the high energy, polished presentation of a single, and the stripped back, raw acoustic set-up of an intimate live performance. In both cases, The Blue Artic easily meets the requirements of the moment.


The songs covered range from age-old acoustic releases to modern day dance-pop, and plenty that falls in between. You can hear this love for the songs & this connection to the music on every track. 


The subject matter is clearly something kept close at heart, you witness this roller-coaster-like journey through personal turmoil to acceptance & then back again. The use of contrast within the performance adds dynamic variation to an otherwise smooth & simply hypnotic piece of music.