One of our generation’s most prolific and insightful, compelling poets, Ultra_eko blends a dreamlike, piano-led ambiance, with faultless vocals; delivering bar after bar, or page after page of the story, while barely pausing to breathe.

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Following the release of her latest EP Freckle Season, and prior to an extensive European Tour, we were blessed with an interview with singer, songwriter and YouTube extraordinaire Orla Gartland. We talk about the new project, the changing stages of indie life, songwriting, being vulnerable, touring, Kate Bush, and plenty more. Here’s the conversation in … Continued

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The role of art and music with such a specific backbone is to provoke a certain shared manner of thinking – these topics need to be discussed, and this is where that conversation ultimately begins; with music, or art, which kicks up a fuss, grabs attention, and refuses to be ignored.

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Fusing the set-up and specifics of studio life, with the debauchery and carefree mindset of an all-nighter, Where The Party At proves both nostalgic and fresh, hitting with simple intentions but showcasing the style and identity of Stony Boy in the same instance.

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Freshly kicking off a string of original releases from the London-based rapper and artist, Six Numbers is a beautifully complex, poetic and deeply human track, which showcases a refreshing side to contemporary hip hop.

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