Inspired by the sentiments of Dostoevsky, the project drives with an organic passion for living in a wonderful world. Florence offers folk-pop melodies, distinct vocals that soothe and suggest, alongside simple keys and mellow rhythms.

Folk PopIndie Pop

Unequivocally the master of long-form rhymes that hold attention in both rhythm and intensity of story and revelation, Ultra_eko reaches new levels of leadership with this album, in musicality and writing alike. His consistent lack of will to adhere to the so called industry’s expectations culminates, presenting a ‘fuck the scene’ attitude reminiscent of the greats, only from an underground legend as yet unsurpassed in both ability and creative identity.

Promising delicacy and warmth evolving into energy and possibility, Delayed Maturity perhaps quite wonderfully encapsulates the implications of its title. These gentle worldly observations, the quiet whistles and panning rhythms, depict a sort of youthful view of the world, and the later sections, as the intensity rises, relay a kind of confidence, depth and determination.