Harvey as a band have a somewhat humble and natural way with music, each new release is enjoyable, impressive, and further cements their authenticity as artists. This process happens slowly but surely, seeing them never fail to write something of depth, and still never resort to unnecessary gimmicks or quirks.


You get a sense that Lux Thugs follows his own rules entirely, but does so with skill and consideration. These bars are thoughtful, clever, honest and reflective – the music meets the needs of this conceptual depth brilliantly.


The single intrigues for its title alone right now, and what you find within is rightfully on point, yet not overly so – it’s entertaining, and unexpected at the very same time.


Yes! is quickly addictive, bringing through elements of Daft Punk and Empire Of The Sun alike – fusing inspiration from a wide range of genres, but doing so in a skillful and artistically relevant way. The result is a song that’s a total joy to turn up loud and get lost within.


True Love is a stunner, nostalgically rooted in the warmth of classic indie rock, but also glowing with its own sense of honesty and emotion; something that pours through thanks to heartfelt and quickly impressive songwriting. 

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