The unmistakable Sara Barta kicks the fun back into modern pop with this colourful new anthem anticipating the energy, romance and escapism of the weekend.


Creatively mixing things up in both sound-design and flow, London rap duo Kings Cvstle showcase further versatility and depth throughout a revealing and increasingly passionate Resilience.

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Always on form but somewhat explicitly pure in the soul-searching found here, Ultra_eko sets up a two-part album release for the new year, preceded by the launch of a powerful new single and video.

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The UK’s own The Storey injects a creative anthem of weight and meaningful intentions combined as the hard-hitting, increasingly impressive Amen/Ameen emerges to vast audience acclaim. The Storey introduces himself with a fearless commitment to the mic, maintaining a degree of professionalism and skill throughout an equally passionate performance, which immediately speaks volumes on his … Continued

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The brand new single from London’s ETAN brings through a unique fusion of qualities, and holds close to strength of songwriting and style for a fearless look at the complexities of intimate relationships.