True Love is a stunner, nostalgically rooted in the warmth of classic indie rock, but also glowing with its own sense of honesty and emotion; something that pours through thanks to heartfelt and quickly impressive songwriting. 

Pop-RockRockSoft Rock

Killing Pickle is a great track, one with an immersive sense of rising passion and energy, and the sort that offers up an immediately familiar intro once you’ve heard it even a single time. An indie dance-floor smash but also something to provoke a slightly deeper level of thought at the same time. Well worth a spin.

Indie RockPunk RockRock

Koinz does his own thing but holds close to the factors that first inspired an interest in the art-form, and David Blaine speaks volumes for that approach. A quality track that we’ll likely be hearing a fair bit of over the coming weeks and months.


Not only is the song brilliantly put together, it’s fascinating, it sees the artist open up from the offset and be fully himself, and it deals with a topic that rarely gets touched upon in music and art – at least not under such a professionally impressive light.

Alt PopHip-Hop

That build up and drop to the hook is immense – an absolute must for pop and EDM fans far and wide. A hint of nostalgia helps give this a soulful edge that’s a pleasure to stumble upon.


Without being forceful or overly loud, 4ez manages to leave his mark with this track – crafting a clear sound of his own, and doing so in a somewhat musically humble and enjoyable fashion.