A compelling video strengthens the cause & makes this an easy piece to re-visit. A mighty release that ticks more than a few boxes thanks to its skillful combination of relevant truths & entrancing visuals.


So much more than a song. It’s an atmosphere, a dream inside someone else’s mind – the results of a well-learned, meticulous musician bent on showing you music that will actually take you somewhere.


It feels like a song for you – the words, the rhythm – it drives with the absolute energy & brightness, the positivity, designed to fit in with the feelings so many will be experiencing right now.

Folk PopReggae

What stands the tallest about this version of Where Is My Mind is Costi’s rap verse, particularly that opening set of bars – it comes so unexpectedly & proceeds to effortlessly pour these fresh ideas & rhymes out to you in a calm yet confident way.


Where to start? This song has all the aspects of something you’d blast in your car for hours. Dense story-telling, intense instrumentation, a catchy hook. When the vocalist is not performing, the music never sounds empty or deserted. A lot of releases don’t have that benefit.