Book Of Shame are categorically an act who skillfully walk the line between eclectic and self-assured – knowing precisely who they are, how they want to sound, yet also offering up a consistently interesting and often surprising album that never once becomes tiresome.

Alt RockRock

Leaning with ease towards the nostalgic smooth vibes of artists like Verb T, Get High offers an anthem for easy living, laid-back good times and relaxing into the day. It’s a refreshing alternative to the weight of the world, and the soundscape and vocal performances alike feed into the overall mood brilliantly.

Hip Hop

Fantastic – lyrically intriguing, musically satisfying; Akecheta signals the hard-hitting & long-awaited return of the British rock band. Expect big things in 2020.


Where certain layers seem decidedly vintage in this mix, certain others add a likable flicker of contemporary freedom, ultimately helping reinforce the underlying sentiments of the song; Free your mind… You can be anything that you want.


The UK’s own Kings Cvstle creates at the peak of the political and social issues affecting us all. Driving with honest intention, a background of hardship and an unwavering desire to lay bare the truth, Cold Place offers up precisely the ambiance and poetic observations implied by its title.

Hip Hop

An artist armed with authority and vulnerability, an intoxicating control of her instrument and its vibrato, LePage stomps all over this tune with the confidence normally reserved for a superstar. Remarkable song, remarkable artist.