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Ultra_eko Six Numbers


Freshly kicking off a string of original releases from the London-based rapper and artist, Six Numbers is a beautifully complex, poetic and deeply human track, which showcases a refreshing side to contemporary hip hop – and a genuinely impressive musical backbone in the same instance.

Six Numbers sounds hypnotic from the offset, this wave-like, piano-led chord-formation rains down in an emotive, cinematic fashion. Then as things progress, you get the additional piano fragments, an intermittent clap of a beat, a few simple details – all subtle, yet brilliantly effective.

On top of the music of course is Ultra_eko’s voice, his story. His music always holds close to a certain intimate, vulnerable writing style, but this single is in a league of its own.

With the music being so entrancing, it takes a second listen to really dig deep into these bars, these scenes being set before you. The music creates a level of escapism, an addictive rhythm and soulful groove, which is blissfully easy to lose yourself amidst. Once you do connect with the lyrics, however, a world of additional depth and value emerges.

Ultra_eko’s observations or analyses of modern life and what it means to be good prove notably relevant, profoundly authentic, and supremely articulate. This balance between intelligent bars and emotional awareness is rare, and this track has it mastered. Fuse that strength, with the natural character and recognisability of Ultra_eko’s voice, and what you get is the beginning of something decidedly worthwhile, memorable, and vastly promising within 2020’s hip hop landscape.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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