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Ultra_eko Revolution UK


Taking 2020 by storm, an unstoppable Ultra_eko continues to create waves with his deeply reflective, observational and hard-hitting take on contemporary hip hop. The latest single, a separate release – unrelated to the upcoming EP – is the fast-paced, fierce and unforgettable Revolution UK.

Showcasing a heavy, industrial style beat, creatively crafted and perfectly in tune with the mood of the concept, the single delivers a relentless rap vocal that pours bar after bar into the room – laying out intelligent, articulate descriptions of the current state of the world.

Without a doubt, this is a track that begs for more than a single listen. Three times in a row might just let you take in half of the ideas on display.

Ultra_eko’s lyricism is second to none. Offering refreshing storytelling, clever rhymes, social truth and grit intertwined amidst a high energy, explosive performance and soundtrack – Revolution captivates and refuses to let go of your attention right the way through. Every few seconds some profound or cutting reference hits with immeasurable impact, intriguing and connecting, and again prompting you to listen over once more – intently this time; focusing, considering.

The role of art and music with such a specific backbone is to provoke a certain shared manner of thinking – these topics need to be discussed, and this is where that conversation ultimately begins; with music, or art, which kicks up a fuss, grabs attention, and refuses to be ignored. A job well done.

Single Out February 28th. Video produced by LevMusic. Check out our exclusive interview with Ultra_eko. Find & follow him on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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