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Tony Venuto City and Sand


Encompassing contrast of both the scenic and sonic, Tony Venuto takes listeners through a fresh realm of indie alternative expression, for the new album City and Sand.

To begin, organic and funky guitar and bass-lines carve out a colourful groove. Then beside this we get an almost post-punk vocal thread blending spoken and melodic qualities, before resolving for the harmonised and memorable hook. Go To The Light is a passionate anthem of both alternative freedom and familiar satisfaction – an independent, unpredictable journey, completed by a simple and recognisable chorus. Intertwined amidst all of this is a fascinating, poetic and personally relatable story.

Tony Veunto does a great job of captivating his listeners in an instant, the intrigue and the big band production all uniting with the energy and emotion of his writing and performance. City and Sand fires into action on a striking high, and the project continues to connect from here on in.

From influences amidst Shame to those akin to Cat Empire – You Can Come Home naturally reminiscent of the latter – City and Sand consistently employs eclecticism of design, yet always maintains the observational, direct storytelling and vocal character from Tony Veunto. Once again the unpredictable evolves into the deeply satisfying and memorable, guitar solos and songwriting strengths meeting the freestyle expression of elsewhere, and these qualities soon become calling cards of Tony Venuto.

Acoustic tendencies and dashes of psychedelic effects elevate the aptly dreamy Imaginary, an introspective alternative song of delicacy and depth. Then nostalgic indie rock hits with a stomp and scenery in My Love For You, before the catchy indie anthem 40th Day Of Rain recaptures the broader observations to poetically reflect on love and intimacy.

Grittier alt-rock and bold post-punk verses drone through for the scornfully honest Coast To Coast, whereas the instrumental gem of an all-too-relevant Cubicle Nightmare softens the mood and refreshes the creative space – with soothing melodic descension, page-by-page scenes, organic guitars, and a worthy harmony of voices for the hook. A definite later stage favourite, almost grunge or Pixies-like in tone and topic.

Let It Go contrasts the conceptual weight of earlier with a stripped-back indie punk outcry of immersing oneself in the moment. Flamethrower meets the same expectations of this alternative indie playlist and weaves in a call and response section for that live appeal. Then to finish, Tony Venuto returns to easy-going reflections and connects with emotion and dreamy melodies, with Ocean providing a slowly evolving celebration of a final track.

Scenically consistent with its own implications, City and Sand feels like an underground album of unique style – never too heavy to reach a broader audience, never too light to remove that raw indie rock essence that will no doubt work wonders at live shows. The songwriting is fascinating, the voice unmistakable, and the compositions versatile enough to provide a genuinely original project.

Download or stream City and Sand. Find Tony Venuto on Instagram or visit his Website.

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