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Tony Cobain Calculated Risk EP


Tony Cobain‘s return this season kicks off with a powerful speech reinforcing the importance of now and taking action while you can – the track is Feel Good, an aptly upbeat, classic lo-fi good vibes hip hop offering, and the project is Calculated Risk.

Following that intro, jazz-pop retro colours and optimism unite with a rhythmic, inspiring vocal from Cobain – igniting a sense of unity, possibility, and keeping positivity at the forefront both musically and conceptually. There’s a focus on choosing how to use your words, for good or for bad societally, and meanwhile the bars refresh with intelligent references and a genuinely new framing of ideas.

The nostalgic energy of this project is backed by the spinning CD of the visualiser, the crackle of the image, and the upfront clarity of the voice in the midst of a foggy, vintage production-style that quickly takes you somewhere else.

Money Don’t Close comes second and picks up the vocal pace for an energising and again inspiring story-line and emotional outpouring from Cobain. Always that voice has integrity, character, it’s recognisable without being forceful – and this is true of the music, too. The natural bliss of it all connects and reminds you to stay focused on what matters, to feel good while you can, and to go out and make changes for the better.

The closing track steps out into smoky jazz with a sax-led ambiance, and with this we get a decidedly heart-breaking vocal introduction, and the yesteryear nature of the sound is contrasted by a clearly contemporary, poignant and topical subject matter. Cobain’s flow varies here, speeding up for moments of passion and mellowing out for the reflective lyrics that require a little space for consideration.

The whole thing fits the mood of the EP, no doubt, but it also shines light on the versatility of Tony Cobain, and takes that optimism and pairs it with realism – the struggle or turmoil that will always run alongside of hard-work, big dreams, and a desire to simply be.

Beautifully crafted, classic hip hop with a certain air of originality in lyric, depth in concept, and easy embrace in musicality.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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