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Tony Cobain The City (Different Energy)


Tony Cobain paints a strikingly dark image of contemporary city life with this brand new single and video.

Leading with a cinematic visual that spans half of the entire release, The City captivates with emotive shock factor for its implication that humanity has lost its compassion.

A man struggling, perhaps dying, is seen as an opportunity for clicks or attention online – rather than someone who immediately needs help. The concept is unsettling, and it quickly prompts consideration of whether or not this kind of thing would actually happen. The sad reality is that it has, and does, quite often – the internet seems to prove it.

Following the clip, Cobain drives with a brilliantly classic hip hop style, a mellow voice but a passionate lyrical backbone that’s all at once intelligent, honest, and refreshing in nature. The track is short, ultimately, but hits with impact – particularly following the accompanying video.

Tony Cobain intrigues and engages his audience with raw talent and consciously authentic observations on modern life. Undoubtedly an artist worth listening to.

‘Beauty and the beast, these cold streets create stars…’

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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