Tommy Hart - HEARTLESS MIX VOL. II - Stereo Stickman



Tommy Hart’s Volume 2 of the Heartless Mix series is a playlist that takes a whole new approach to introducing the chaos and colour that ultimately follows.

Leading with the most likely track to come to mind on reading the word Heartless, Kanye smoothly leads into the hard-hit of something far grittier, but a few seconds is far from enough to define the eclecticism and evolution that takes place throughout this set. So begins the onslaught – heavy bass-lines and insanely infectious, all-encompassing and industrially fired up beats rain down and envelop you.

Not for the faint of heart, contrast kicks in brilliantly throughout this set – moments of quiet and space are blown out of the water by subsequent build-ups and drops into absolute intensity and mania. While there were consistent elements of familiarity previously, expect here to find yourself completely lost within the grip of the audio. The alternative EDM vibes scream out for you, and still Hart stylishly incorporates numerous moments of calm – breakdowns to the melodic and comforting – before building back up skillfully to seduce with yet another insane hit of strength and energy.

The pace moves from almost still to impossibly quick, lifting you up in the process and reminding you of the euphoric qualities of well-captured distortion and bass and beats in the heat of the moment. Classic punk and rock even make an appearance, as does pop and RnB, hip hop, hard house, and slowly but surely you release the magic of music in all of its forms.

Brilliant, a personal favourite and a whole new streak of talent, intention and unstoppable creativity from producer and DJ Tommy Hart. Versatility is key, and this project has it mastered.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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