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Thinkbendy The Essence of Time


Off-rhythms and the lightness of piano contrasted and reinforced by the weight of the bass – Thinkbendy kicks off the new year with a stylish organic project of genre-blending presence, broader thoughts, and catchy melodies.

Contemplative from the outset, the mood and tune of Why This Way? starts up The Essence Of Time with a personal search for connection and a downward tumble through imagery of regret and longing.

The harder rock edge of Thinkbendy stands tall with another meandering progression as One Day quickly changes the energy. Still that voice is the thread, alongside creative freedom and integrity of topic – Thinkbendy has an alternative air of identity that’s refreshing to witness.

With Low Down, suddenly we get a burst of jazz and swing – the smokey clubs of a simpler era, complete with seductive solo work – and a song that furthers the optimistic good vibe with notably one of the most infectious melodies yet.

An earworm by all accounts, Low Down stands out for its stylish fusion of a nostalgic bounce and contemporary reflection. Naturally a highlight for its unexpected colour and character at the mid section. The latter half welcomes in a full-on Gypsy jazz live band aura that begs for you to witness it at a festival.

On the story-telling front we get sultry cinematic vibes and intrigue from the post-six -minute epic A Man A Plan a Canal Panama. Creative as ever but with familiar instrumental phrasings and patterns interwoven for a fine fusion of comfort and intrigue; of familiarity and artistry. The project confidently seems to be getting better and better.

Offering a moment of quiet thought and musical calm, the title-track promises short lines and ballsy bass for a journey that’s aptly both gritty and smooth, and increasingly impressive on the musicianship front. An anthem in its latter half, and another example of how much better the Thinkbendy sound gets the further involved you allow yourself to fall.

Finishing things up is the unusual meeting of organic piano and heavily effected electric guitar amidst a folk-like joyfulness for Pot Of Gold Blues. A shifting landscape of movement and immersive relevance, directly addressing the listener, pondering the world around, the role of the self. How many times must we hear and even speak out about the destructive nature of seeking material gain, before we change our ways? Our shallowness lined up with our depth, on display for your consideration. And again, musically masterful.

A brilliant way to end the EP, with an impeccable guitar solo to boot. The Thinkbendy sound is unmistakable, unpredictable, and unafraid to take things to new heights of creativity and expression.

“The more you think you have, the more you want in the end…”

Download or stream The Essence Of Time here. Check out Thinkbendy on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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