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Adam Bendy – thinkbendy – presents a series of theatrically fascinating songs on this latest album CHANGE. Free captures your affection from the offset with a raw and emotional vocal but a contrastingly simple, single-note melody for the most part – and an array of intriguing, scene-setting lyrics.

The imagery and this organic rock backdrop create a warm, cinematic journey that invites the listener to be a part of something completely new. The sound of that voice is equally unique and delivers the song and the entire project with a fine balance between chaos and calm. The musicianship is superb, subtle yet impressive – particularly some well-placed and memorable solos – a live show would absolutely be the next step to explore.

As you relax into the enjoyable groove and sense of character that this collection offers, you also find yourself thinking a little more deeply on life – on the world and your role within it. There are moments when you feel a real connection to the artist, and others when you’re prompted to face yourself and consider things a little more intentionally.

The title track follows the opener and mellows things out to lead with an almost Elton-like piano ballad. The melody feels a little more Radiohead than anything else though, there’s a depth of tone that lets the music stand tall and be all the more entrancing in its somewhat misleading optimism. Another great hook, something thinkbendy seems to have mastered.

Elsewhere on the project, those classic or legendary influences pour through intermittently among the artist’s own freely creative style. You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet sees confidence and funk intertwine, the performance plays with the art form and enjoys the moment and the direct addressing of a significant other. CIAYAQ then kicks up with a hit of soulful guitar and a subsequently rising chord progression that matches references to a beautiful life and other such positively loaded ideas.

Proceed To Continue is easily one of the most anthem-like songs on the release, colourful and passionate – the sort of moment that would create a warming frenzy at a live show. Spark follows and sees a punk-pop style melody-line emerge and a similarly rock-rooted story-line; one that feels deeply personal and holds tight to your attention throughout. A great musicality and another fairly memorable track.

Of One Mind is a moment of reflective connection, offering poetry and personal honesty in unison. There’s something inherently inspiring here that works hard to engage and uplift the listener. The music is beautiful, moments of raw jazz-soaked passion fill the spaces between vocals. thinkbendy’s songwriting is endlessly interesting, always unique in its own way – despite touching on several different topics throughout this album.

Epiphany brings the playlist to an end with another hit of Santana-inspired electric guitar and a juxtaposed, quiet verse. thinkbendy’s voice steps in almost completely alone, between flashes of piano – reinforcing the lyrics he breathes out, and sharpening the edge of the song in a fully captivating way. A stunning track to finish up with, fresh in nature, creatively satisfying and conceptually alluring. A personal favourite for its sense of drama and rising anticipation.

What also works well about this album is how openly the artist utilizes and clearly loves both the lyrical and musical sides of songwriting. These are artistic presentations, so the rhythm and the set-up is just as important as the lyrics in expressing the underlying sentiments, and that’s something thinkbendy naturally holds close to. A refreshing listen and one I’ll be returning to again in the near future.

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