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THESE WOLVES Something To Live For (Official Video) {Premiere}


Long-time favourites, New Jersey’s hard-rock outfit These Wolves, storm back onto the scene this November with a brand new single and video release.

As always, the track speaks straight from the heart – digging deep with introspection, seeing lead singer and songwriter Darren pledge to continue fighting and working towards his dream, no matter what.

In times of social and political or even just personal turmoil, we all seek a little purpose in life – Something To Live For. This is 2019’s anthem for finding that something and holding onto it for as long as it takes.

Lyrically inspired by Flyleaf’s All Around Me, Something To Live For sees These Wolves go all out with the sound and visuals. A collaborative effort, filmed by Kris Khunachak Multimedia in Little Falls, NJ, at Studio NVN, the video features cameos from some of the songwriter’s closest friends.

A much welcomed return. Listen loud.

Check out our interview with These Wolves for more information. Find & follow them on FacebookTwitter & Instagram or visit their Website

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