Not My World makes for a rather stunning introduction to the band, their sound is immediately powerful, melodic yet hard-hitting, and musically masterful in every way. Delicate synth riffs meet with heavy distortion and a series of captivating performances that prove increasingly impressive as things progress. 

Hard RockMetalRock

Rasha has created some intelligent, fantastic support for her voice in this spacious production. Instruments are stabbing their different colours at the canvas to create splashes of interest providing the backdrop to the main event, which is absolutely Rasha’s lead vocal.

Not only does his voice offer a subtle yet striking sense of purity & realness, but his words, the simplicity of his music – in contrast with the complexity of these poetic reflections on love & life – it allows you to turn it up loud & completely escape into the moment, feeling as if you understand; or you’re being understood.

Alt PopSongwriterTrip-Hop

A heart-warming, intimate and honest display of gratitude and appreciation for a significant other, which is refreshing to listen to right now, and breathes a wonderful breath of positivity into the music world.

Folk PopPop

This album sees the rapper really find himself as an artist and produce a sound that’s rooted in his own creativity and sense of character. The 31-track project is immense in content, never wavering and never offering anything that could appear as simply filler.