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THESE WOLVES Panic {Premiere}


Long-time favourites THESE WOLVES take things up a level with their beautifully raw, poetic and intense new single Panic.

Leading with gentle vocals, softly soulful and quickly emotive, and the simple strum of an acoustic guitar, the song delivers its thoughtful concept in an MTV-Unplugged kind of manner, keeping things intimate and refreshingly real.

As the track progresses, that unmistakable manner of structuring that can be found throughout the work of THESE WOLVES stands tall. A subtle touch, the drum coming into play, certain flickers of guitar and additional detail helps build a sense of rising anticipation.

This continues to evolve, the intensity and energy growing throughout, the drums crashing all around. Meanwhile the vocals add a surprisingly smooth touch of delicacy to contrast the increasing weight and volume. By the final third, the track has well and truly mutated into its fully formed rock anthem persona, offering the uplifting escapism of a classic hit that digs deep into human emotion and existence.

The band’s leading songwriter always crafts from a place of genuine heart and depth, and this single is far from the exception. Written some years ago, during a time of depression and unsettling self-doubt, Panic works hard to overcome the fear of failure – to see regret as a greater threat to the future. This conceptual movement from uncertainty to awareness and action is represented brilliantly by the song’s progression from acoustic softness to the immersive warmth of a full rock soundscape.

Panic was produced by Steve Kellner, with Tory Anne Daines from Fair Panic playing cello, viola, and violin.

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