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Theo Blixth THEODORE


Crafted with care and increasingly emotive as a result, Theo Blixth kicks off the EP THEODORE with the blissfully devoted sentiments and sound of a sublime title-track.

Leading with acoustic fingerstyle guitar and softly expressive, intimate folk vocals, THEODORE soon builds up with subtle yet striking flavours, furthering the impact of its hook and melody each time they roll around.

Featuring subtle vocal pairings and hits of drama to intensify the changing emotion of the story, the scene, this opening track lures its audience in with a fine fusion of contemporary folk qualities and a more softly whispered, Simon and Garfunkel kind of approach. But in terms of the completed project, all is not purely as it appears.

To become complacent on hearing the opener would be a mistake – to try to predict where this three-track collection will go next. Alone In Stockholm switches gears in an instant, welcoming an electro-funk soundscape and long-form RnB vocals, for a completely different kind of track.

The voice is still Theo Blixth, unmistakable in tone, but the versatility between the two songs is immense. The personal touch here is contrasted by a bigger pop-rock arrangement, and ultimately we veer off into the kind of folk-pop or even dance realms once touched by the likes of similar alt-folk artists such as Jason Mraz.

For the closing song, Theo reverts back to the impressive guitar work of the opener, before dropping in with a catchy and uplifting, organic pop anthem that’s familiar and easily memorable.

Soulful as ever yet upbeat and timeless in its intimacy and colourful optimism, Something Like You makes for an effective final third, shining light on yet another side to the artist and songwriter, and inviting all the more interest in a live show; something which would likely be impressive both as a solo acoustic show and a full band set-up.

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