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The Storey Amen/Ameen (Feat. Mic Righteous x Velli)


The UK’s own The Storey injects a creative anthem of weight and meaningful intentions combined as the hard-hitting, increasingly impressive Amen/Ameen emerges to vast audience acclaim.

The Storey introduces himself with a fearless commitment to the mic, maintaining a degree of professionalism and skill throughout an equally passionate performance, which immediately speaks volumes on his experience and focus within the rap space.

The Leeds-born rapper and artist moved to South London as a teen, working hard at his craft and ultimately dreaming of the day he could write and perform with his favourite rappers. This collaborative release with Velli and the one and only Mic Righteous marks precisely that moment, and makes for a bold step out into the scene – securing his role and highlighting the creative roots of his music and the sharp, purposeful nature of his bars.

The three verses work well to deliver a captivating dynamic and storyline, which naturally meets the high bar set by the world-music-infused production and soundscape from Shaye.

The track has a recognisable sense of identity to it, whilst keeping those essential threads of contemporary hip hop alive and engaging at the forefront – a balance masterfully crafted.

Well-worth hearing, from an artist with a unique background and an earnest, skilful manner of rapping and writing to support it.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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