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The Jason Gisser Band The River


The Jason Gisser Band have a sublime sound. Their music is incomparably soulful and authentic, loaded with heartfelt reflections on life and love, and layered from top to bottom with genuine emotion. The leading voice has it all, and it carries the sentiment of these songs with sheer strength and beauty.

The musicality of the band’s sound presents a smooth and mellow, country-rock ambiance; easy going when relevant, a little heavier and more intense or passionate when necessary. The progression of chords is the first thing to indicate the complex and captivating nature of the songwriting; the first few bars of music for the title track of this release speak volumes for what will follow. However, even with such a striking and skillful beginning – you can never quite prepare for the utter soul that comes through afterwards.

The River is a stunning song, crafted with intricate imagery and thoughtful melodies, performed with absolute skill and secure intent. The influence of country-rock or even rock and roll ballads from yesteryear is hinted at throughout, though there’s a distinct feeling of now to the sound, and this is something that makes it all the more addictive.

Monster is something completely different in many ways from its counterpart on this release. The track opens up in a stylish and minimal, seductive, sultry, attention grabbing manner, showcasing the brilliance of the leading voice once again and laying it almost completely bare on occasion. There’s an indie rock sense of mystery to this piece, the lyrics intrigue and the musical ambiance greatly enhances this. The whole thing is incredibly fresh, the lyrics hold appeal yet offer only a snippet of the depth and back-story as to how the song came about. This air of intrigue and possibility is hugely attractive, and the hook presents something completely unexpected, and surrounded by space – really just multiplying its impact.

The songwriter’s creatively free and deeply passionate approach to writing and performing is something that many genuine music fans crave. On top of this, his awareness of how to reach out and connect whilst simultaneously maintaining that distance and that freshness, is simply mesmerising. The energy of the piece is fantastic, and it makes for the sort of song you can turn up loud and simply play on repeat, again and again – until it feels as if it’s been the missing part of you for far too long.

Jason Gisser sings for the souls of all of us. The passion comes through at full speed and completely dissolves any prior concerns or worries you may have had. An incredible band.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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