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The.I.Jester Prodigy


The.I.Jester is an artist and rapper with a fierce passion for lyricism and fast rhymes when it comes to crafting original hip hop. Prodigy introduces his sound well, a track that grows more immersive and impressive as it moves along, but one that aims high from the offset – effectively tipping its hat to some of the yester-year greats.

Musically this track offers a partly organic, colourful soundscape, suggestive of simple good times and a carefree aura. This gives the music an easy-going yet confident feel, so you expect a passionate and energetic performance on top of it – and that’s precisely what you get. While the flow seems a little off the mark at first, things settle in by the time the second verse hits, and you actually come to recognise this as part of the character or identity that is The.I.Jester. That outpouring of lyrics is heavy, so much so that without the written version a second listen is fairly essential.

Prodigy is fun, confident and mighty in its intention and drive. Hopefully with future releases listeners will come to gather a little more info as to who the artist is. For now though, this motivational, energizing vibe works perfectly as a go-to anthem whenever you need a little kick.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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