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The Gary Douglas Band Million Miles Away


The Gary Douglas Band skillfully fuse their organic and passionate approach to Americana and soft-rock with a soulful, pop-inspired style of songwriting on this latest release. Million Miles Away is a simple yet effective track, familiar in many ways but evolving to become something a little less than expected.

From the offset those natural instrumental vibes create a warm and welcoming vibe – Douglas’ leading voice sounds stunning, softly emotional yet raspy enough to present a genuine connection with the lyrics and the underlying concept. As the song grows, things move from alternative to more widely accessible as this pop-influenced melody-line progresses before you. At the same time, there’s a notable sense of power to it all – a world-music driven feeling of togetherness and possibility. Even during the quieter moments there’s a level of vastness, and it’s something that grows more intense as the song pours through.

A quickly satisfying melody meets with a relatable subject matter and a genuinely beautiful, enjoyable performance from the entire band. This feels like a classic from a simpler time, re-worked and made crisp and clean for today’s world. Having said that though, you’re inclined to follow the lyrics along, as the whole thing seems generally new and ultimately uplifting in the way it takes on this topic of rising up through personal turmoil and struggle.

The instrumental breaks are sensational – a live performance would likely blow the roof off in a wonderful way. Contrast is utilized perfectly well, and as suggested – this song soon grows from quietly familiar to immensely energizing and mighty in nature. Well worth a listen right through to the end – and a few repeat visits afterwards.

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