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The Brothers Union Silhouettes


New Jersey’s The Brothers Union melt hearts with this short but sweet and beautifully produced EP.

Silhouettes showcases a gentle acoustic presentation – finger-picked guitar, an up close and personal leading voice, and a string of deeply intimate lyrics. These are the building blocks that pave the way as Bluebird softly fills the room.

Feeling like a display of gratitude and nostalgia all at once, the song is notably true to the relationship at its core, but this is offered up in a widely accessible way. These ideas are loving, appreciative of the little things – underlining qualities we all crave in relationships. As things build, subtle flickers of intensity help create a greater sense of passion and depth – additional vocals and a heightened emotional delivery from the lead singer. A stunning song, one that could easily calm the soul whenever it reappeared in the playlist.

As you listen through the following song Another Remedy, there’s a hint of stripped back acoustic acts from a decade or two ago – Dashboard Confessional, Brand New – handsome vocals and a lyrical backbone that’s unapologetically open and honest. In this case, the faster pace makes for a welcomed change from the opener, though still the central traits of the band shine brightly. Their harmonies and their unity as a group is highlighted as the energy rises and the track nears its finish. Once more, the song leaves you with a sense of appreciation and calm.

A gorgeous yet short playlist that brings forth a band with a heartfelt approach to songwriting and an unquestionable talent for performance.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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