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The Bleeding Obvious The Last Thought


The Bleeding Obvious is a project founded by musician, composer and producer Jessica Rowbottom, and The Last Thought is a heartfelt and universally relevant ode to love and the beauty of togetherness. The song is the sort that strikes as deeply personal, yet the language chosen, the imagery, the metaphors, the poetry – it makes for something that is accessible to all and likely to be cherished by anyone who shares a similar sentiment with a significant other.

The instrumentation on this single presents a bright and colourful soundscape, delicate when necessary, underlining a certain softness that allows the truth and loyalty of the opening lyrics to shine brightly, later evolving into something much more vibrant and passionate. The details that make up the ambiance suggest a somewhat theatrical influence – the strings, the glockenspiel, the harp, the vocal performance style – the song has been composed and crafted in a distinctly considerate manner and briefly conjures up a stage-inspired vibe, though this becomes perhaps a secondary element in light of the songwriting. What you get is essentially a piece of music and writing that transcends the standard parameters of genre.

As you listen to the song, it’s the careful progression of the melody and the clever placement of these singular lines that really stand out. It seems like the perfect contender for endless remixes and further collaborations. The recording quality is high, so the varying levels of intensity in terms of the emotional expression throughout are really well represented – that melody and that hook, the key line and idea, this concept that quite simply encapsulates what it is to be truly in love – it’s all presented in a thoughtful yet simple and effective way. The song is the sort that begins to transform as you listen, it starts to belong to its audience, to each individual witnessing it, and that’s a wonderful thing.

Listen on Spotify as of November 24th. Find & follow The Bleeding Obvious on Facebook & Twitter. Visit the Website for more information.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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