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The Blackmail Seduction The Blackmail Seduction II


The Blackmail Seduction fuse grunge-like instrumentation and delicate melodies throughout this upcoming album The Blackmail Seduction II. Dead Girl begins the collection and presents an almost shoegaze-inspired soundscape but with notable elements from the grittier, more clear-cut side of rock. It’s a song that grows more immersive and enjoyable as it progresses, as it gathers momentum and approaches its peak – the music and the vocals collide and collaborate in a satisfying manner during the latter half as the concept is painted a little more clearly, lyrically and expressively; all in all kicking things off in a striking way. I was reminded a little of the 90’s band Ash, in both the sound and the songwriting style.

Tell The World follows the opener and drives with more of the grit – distortion and chaotic riffs accompany a personally revealing song that offers both originality and moments of simple melodic togetherness. These songs quickly start to feel like easy go-to’s – the muffled rock sound has nostalgic properties that comfort, the band’s ideas and their unique fusion of sub-genres offers something a little new to get stuck into.

High comes afterwards and emerges with an uplifting, almost joyful ambiance and what turns out to be a country or Americana-influenced melody and story-line. This song immediately stands out for its unexpected musical angle and the observational lyricism – a definite highlight, brilliant instrumentation and a simple but effective melody and hook. The verses offer long-form lines and a gentle breakaway from the thickness of the chorus – a superb bit of contrast that lets the whole thing really hit with impact.

She’s Leaving Home mellows things out a little and adds a level of emotion and vulnerability that builds throughout. The verse melodies are again where things really connect – the hook is simple, the title resounds and the concept resolves, but it’s the original pathway of the verses that leads in such a captivating fashion up towards this. This song has a classic rock-ballad feel on occasion and becomes more and more entrancing with each new listen. Incredible drum-work offers a creative yet solid backbone that controls much of the song’s meandering energy.

That Americana swagger returns for Visiting Hours, a beautiful song with some gorgeous guitar parts and a leading voice that seems authentically heartbroken and inherently connected to the song’s story-line. The hook is fantastic, the band find their feet more and more so as this album progresses, and though their style of sound has been heard before, their songwriting categorically hasn’t. This song quickly becomes another highlight as it reaches out and pulls you right in. A personal favourite. All I want is to make time stand still for a day… 

Some Things Are Forever lightens the mood in multiple respects – the melody, the chord progression, the rhythm; there’s a natural optimism and sense of loyalty about the song that accompanies the conceptual colour and self-reflection in an enjoyable way. Those flickers of country add further hope to the process and give the project an eclectic, well-rounded aura. Following this, some brilliantly infectious beach-side rock and roll vibes pour through for the final track of the album.

Aloha offers an upbeat and instrumentally bright song with one of the most impressive displays of lyricism and perhaps the best overall melody of all. The whole thing builds up from the offset and works hard to surround and embrace its audience. At the final hurdle, The Blackmail Seduction remind you that a real-time gig is the place to be – these songs will undoubtedly explode into new realms of life during a live set. Brilliant songwriting and a pleasure to have fill the room.

Download the album as of November 19th or pre-order via Bandcamp. Find & follow The Blackmail Seduction on Facebook.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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