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The Adjusted Idiocracy


Kicking off the with the lesser known Let’s Make Walsall Great Again Campaign (#MWGA), The Adjusted make no apologies for their hard-rock assessment and mockery of one of the world’s leaders and the current state of our political landscape in general.

Idiocracy pours through with a grunge-led intensity and clear purpose, lines like lunatics have taken over stand out and hit with impact thanks to a notably anthem-like melodic development. The accompanying video takes a little more of your attention during the verses. Having donned a less than modest Donald Trump mask and outfit, and subsequently roamed the streets of Walsall, the leading character proceeds to smoke a joint and tweet various snippets of lunacy that keep you focused on the screen.

Despite its use of humor, this release actually introduces an impressive alternative rock band with a strong sense of melody and passion about their sound. The video is surprisingly engaging right the way through – whatever opinions you may form in the beginning, you’re likely to see those change as the video and track continue.

The song has a great hook, it’s a big moment that would likely hit hard at a live show. The visual tweets also pour through more frequently as the big man supposedly gets higher and roams a little further – underlining all the more-so the band’s understanding of effective structural development. The character’s spelling and physical functionality start to suffer in the process. Things get incredibly dark, really reinforcing the essence of the song far more than staying focused on the comedy aspect – there’s a reason the band have made this, there are genuine concerns and issues at its core. Idiocracy provokes necessary thought, and it keeps the conversation going in an effective way. An intriguing band, it will be interesting to hear where else the music takes them.

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