The Assist have made Life to raise money for the UK’s NHS charities in these trying times, and it’s an accomplished, well-mixed and well-meaning tune with great dynamics and a lot to express over its 5 and a half minute duration.

Indie PopPopPop Rock

The UK’s own Alvin Davis – otherwise known as Hornblower – has crafted a blissfully seductive, sax-led soundscape with this latest release, and it makes for a beautiful way to enhance a small part of your day.


Flashback plays like an emergency broadcast, urging listeners to go back to the days when we weren’t isolated or prisoners to our earbuds & tiny screens. It’s a call to come back to the club, to stand next to a real person, to experience the beautiful chaos of live music.


Now for a little something awesome that we stumbled upon. Broken Witt Rebels – An impressive rock band, fantastic musicians, quality solos just when you need them. It’s hard to really isolate why their sound works so well, the music just has something about it; it’s big, without being noisy. It actually gets better and better … Continued