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The Acorns Heat Wave


Openly tackling the issues facing all of us more notably than ever this year, The Acorns fuse broader topical hardship and concern with a deeply personal reference to life and the individual journey.

Heat Wave is a decidedly ambient track, soaked in reverb and leading with a dreamlike, somewhat alternative hip hop-meets-EDM aura. Woven in amidst this is the leading voice, recognisable in tone and attention-grabbing in its immediacy and suddenly poignant bars that pour through. Even the voice is washed in reverb though, giving the completed track more of a hypnotic, rhythmic and dreamlike feel than anything purely gritty and cutting for its political backbone. The balance works well.

While the overall sentiments lean towards peace – something that shines brightly as the song reaches its peak – there’s also plenty of difficulty, struggle, and some scathing truth-bombs to witness along the way. The single doesn’t reach the three-minute mark, but it manages to feel heavy, vast, and hit with impact regardless.

Conscious rap with a freestyle-esque progression and a creatively refreshing musicality. Ideas that have never been more relevant, intertwined with a clear level of personal identity and intention.

Download or stream Heat Wave here. Check out The Acorns on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit Candle Wax Records.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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