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ThaDreamKing Where At (Feat. Curty Rock)


Classic hip hop meets with seductive, string-soaked creativity as this collaborative new anthem drives a presence of story-telling intensity into the modern rap scene.

Featuring a level of nostalgia alongside a mellow energy and contrastingly relentless back and forth from both ThaDreamKing and Curty Rock, Where At presents a degree of purpose and a fine fusion of the yesterday and now sounds of the scene.

The opening verse tips its hat to the clarity of the genres dawn, the final verse takes on the rhythm and effects of the current landscape, and underneath this we get a bass-heavy yet melodic soundscape that’s faultlessly produced.

The whole thing comes in at under the two-minute mark, taking every opportunity to impress and engage during that lifespan. Weaving in everything from emotion to humour, topical and political references to personal anecdotes, imagery, with plenty of comedic and clever bars, Where At feels intense and light-hearted all at once.

Introducing the best of both artists, the track has character, integrity, motivation and a carefree sense of confidence. The first half captivates for its lyrical strength, the latter half holds attention for its melodic rhythm and the breathy, raspy tone of the voice. The balance works well, and as stated – the soundscape is faultless, fresh, and easy to get into.

Download via Apple. Check out TheDreamKing on Instagram & Twitter or follow Curty Rock on Tw / IG.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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