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Tevin Flashey toxic love


Softly uniting acoustic intimacy with timeless-emo tendencies and modern rhythms, Tevin Flashey delivers a thoughtful and heartfelt ode to unhealthy relationships, with the melodically soothing toxic love.

Distinctly quiet in terms of these nearly-whispered vocals, toxic love stands tall on the strength of its melody and production. The whole thing pours through with delicacy and humble dashes of character, providing a recognizable vocal guide amidst an acoustic-meets-electro-pop soundscape; throughout a notably well-crafted three minutes and thirty-three.

Long-form vocal outpourings offer a somewhat diary-like rise and fall for the verses, and always we resolve to the simplicity of a looping sentiment for the hook – a memorable trait in an otherwise uncertain exploration of topic.

Setting the mood with hopeful positivity in terms of the instrumentation, and contrasting this with the ultimate realization of the toxicity of a romantic situation, toxic love achieves a fine balance between lo-fi audio escapism, and the more revealing nature of the singer-songwriter realm.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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