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TeeBully Wavy


Gentle acoustic guitar work meets with equally soft, sleepy vocals for this contemporary fusion of organic and electronic, emo-style song-writing and production.

TeeBully accesses the sound of the modern scene with this fine balance between rap and melody, yet at the same time the artist makes sure to include more than a few unique traits to keep things original. The guitar sound is definitely a part of this, offering an almost oriental twang that helps set the mood in a fresh way.

In addition, the song leans back and forth between two sections – the hypnotic, melodic loop of the hook, with its appropriately wavy feeling progression as it wraps around listeners, and the harder-hitting, faster-paced outpouring that is the rap verse.

Always we resolve back to the dreamlike calm of the hook, and this is what lingers after listening – a fine calling card of a well-written pop song. Of course, there’s also an alternative edge to the overall style, and to TeeBully’s voice – the balance between these two extremes will hopefully connect well with a broader audience looking to escape into the music.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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