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Tay Drummond The Valley


Tay Drummond unites ambient escapism and outright lyrical and vocal passion, for the intense and compelling new single The Valley.

Promising a story as gritty and revealing as the implied depth of its title, The Valley follows a heavy rhythm and almost Gospel-style arrangement of strings and sounds that rain down with evocative melancholy. Meanwhile Tay Drummond puts in an impassioned and powerful delivery of story and sentiment, which feels both deeply personal and broadly relatable in its poetic observations.

Tay relays the pain of a life lived amidst both struggle and ambition, and the lyrics that explore this are impressively articulate and thoughtful in their fusion of poetic metaphor and literal references. The result is that the words and the piercing energy of the presentation all connect in a fiercely honest way.

Not just impressing with the soundscape and lyrical journey, Tay Drummond’s diversity of flow throughout The Valley also helps considerably in holding your attention. We switch to a briefly varied style during the final quarter, a moment of calm almost, but with some of the most poignant lyrics yet.

From family to street life and choosing a better pathway despite the friction and opposition towards doing so, The Valley promises a devotedly authentic view of its depicted homeland – the trials and tribulations of this place – and does so with an engaging and confident sense of seeking to overcome and escape. It’s a captivating listen, and naturally gets you hitting play more than a few times.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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