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Synthetik Blonde Pieces


Hypnotically pairing the kick and the bass drum intermittently throughout, Synthetik Blonde lay the foundation for a dreamy new single, with Pieces.

Fusing synths and bass throughout a warm, multi-layered audio venture, the song reaches the two-minute mark on its looping intricacies alone – an instrumental groove that’s naturally inviting.

Soon enough, sultry whispered vocals add a level of soulful passion, for an electro-pop addition to the journey that elevates things into a whole new realm.

Emerging complete with an equally retro set of colourful visuals, with performance and imagery enchantingly intertwined, Pieces ultimately feels like a trip-hop classic from the early noughties. It’s a distinct step away from the heavier rock tones of Do You Wanna Know, but still rooted amidst that definitive instrumental presence; and indeed the seductive, recognizable vocal lead.

Gifting a subtle twist of funk amidst an otherwise riff-led ambiance and progression that’s both poetic and personal, Pieces seeks to immerse its audience, to inspire and offer that essential escapism from the noise of the world. It’s a job well done, particularly with the video and music united as one.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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