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Sylvia Brooks Sylvia Brooks LIVE with Christian Jacob


Pristine and powerful jazz vocals light up timeless sentiments throughout this musically sublime live album from Sylvia Brooks and Christian Jacob.

Celebrating an extensive career by revisiting some favourite songs from her performance repertoire, Sylvia Brooks delivers ten freshly captured recordings of big-band soulful jazz tracks, elevated by faultless musical unity across a live set of piano, bass, wind and rhythm.

We begin with the bold and beautiful When the Sun Comes Out, instantly nostalgic yet crisp and contemporary in presentation – an invigorating delivery that sets the bar well for the live experience and joyful escapism that follows.

Rightfully eclectic from one moment to the next, arrangement matters and allows these songs to work their magic accordingly. Consider the shift to the mellow and sultry Blues in The Night, promptly highlighting the diversity of Sylvia’s vocal ability, and setting a whole different mood instrumentally at the same time.

Sylvia’s unmistakable power and subtle rasp keep things engaging and evocative throughout, with gentler offerings like Guess Who I Saw Today drawing focus to the softer intricacies and storytelling connection of her style, and live spoken introductions before instrumental gems like The Red Pig Flew Up The Hill reminding listeners of the passion, experience and precision exuded by all involved.

Setting the scene is key with smokey jazz storytelling, and Sylvia Brooks and Christian Jacob’s own co-written The Flea Markets Of Paris marks a blissful example of that crucial strength. The strong groove and descending tune of Cold Cold Heart follows on well, before the intricate cinematic playing of Night & Day redirects us once again.

For The Tender Trap the mood is lifted, celebration ensues once more, and Sylvia brings back that classic short tone and performative, playful meandering through the melody and lyrics. We’re then presented with a deeply moving ballad for the piano and broken-hearted reflection to rising energy of Holding Back Tears – really well-placed at this penultimate moment in the set.

Come Rain Or Come Shine wraps things up with optimism and addictive smooth jazz that’s quick to calm and comfort the room.

Featuring a handful of additional talents helping really bring this project to life, Sylvia Brooks Live with Christian Jacob is a pleasure to let play at volume – a particularly well-suited choice as the colder months settle in around us.

Find Sylvia Brooks via her Website.

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