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Sweet Imperfections Deeper To the Core


Leading with the simple warmth of piano, strings, harp and voice, openly exploring the concept of connecting with the self as a means of later connecting with our fellow beings – Sweet Imperfections take on the topic of love and oneness in a musically classic yet conceptually refreshing way with this single.

Featuring increasingly passionate, delicate yet expressive and unique vocals, Deeper To The Core slowly but surely builds up a sense of rising anticipation. The layers are organic, naturally performed building blocks that unite and envelop listeners in this growing sentiment of possibility.

Combine all of this with the stunning vocals at the forefront, and a simple yet artistically beautiful set of visuals, and Deeper To The Core proves an addictively emotional new single – the sort that begs for you to listen on repeat as it rises and rises. The latter half even veers off into Gospel choir territories, taking things from Natalie Merchant-like in the My Skin build up towards a more anthemic style of oneness and musical embrace.

The resulting song urges you to turn up the volume, and indeed to seek out a live performance. At the same time, it inspires you to look inward, and to breathe new life and understanding into the world around you.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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