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SUNDERWORLD Orlando/Llorando Vol. 2


One year on and precisely as promised, the second part to SUNDERWORLD’s uniquely creative ORLANDO​/​LLORANDO EP arrives.

Stylishly and professionally blending ambient, cinematic sound design, with smooth vocals and poetic, personally reflective story-telling, DRAMA/QUEEN is a haunting and addictively immersive track, and the perfect way to kick off this re-emergence of SUNDERWORLD.

A short-lived opener at under two-point-five minutes, the track could easily have been double this length, but it leads the way beautifully, in hindsight, through to the gorgeously hypnotic, engaging composition that is BIS-11.

Suddenly injecting something of an organic aura, guitar and synth simplicity, BIS-11 feels like a movie soundtrack, partly inspired by The Weeknd, partly wandering along its own soulful trip hop pathway without concern for anything other than the angst and uncertainty of the writing.

Beautifully melodic, gorgeously satisfying in its subtle build-up, this central track is an absolute highlight from the new EP. The whole thing washes over you in this deeply emotive, addictive fashion, prompting an immediate replay at a louder volume or with better headphones once it comes to an end. A stunning piece of music and performance.

Finishing things up perfectly it seems, PSEUDODEVOTION brings together every likeable element from before, and rains down with seductive melodies, intimate reflections, and pristine sound-design united. There’s an energising sense of passion to this one, vocally subtle but musically powerful in the set-up and evolution of the track. The poetry is superb, rhythmically entrancing and decidedly appealing for its complex references to seemingly familiar concepts. You want to know these words, this hook line – you want to be able to sing it out with your own soul as the beat surrounds you.

During the latter half of this final track, things switch gears once again, becoming more mellow, spacious, almost falsetto in vocal tone. The melody changes, the delivery feels vulnerable, nervous even. It’s a beautiful moment, unexpected entirely but brilliantly fitting, and a final reminder of the creative bliss that’s consistently on offer throughout SUNDERWORLD’s music.

Fantastic. Well and truly worth the wait. Pair this with Vol. 1 and you’re in for an easy hit of escapism this evening.

Download the EP via Bandcamp. Find & follow SUNDERWORLD on Spotify, Twitter, Soundcloud & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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