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SUNDERWORLD Orlando/Llorando Vol. 1


SUNDERWORLD is an artist who quickly succeeds in creating compelling, entrancing soundscapes around his audience – fusing gradually intensifying ambiances or grooves with decidedly thoughtful, poetic lyricism, and a softly expressive vocal delivery that captivates for its emotional grit and delicacy combined.

Nullify. kicks off this three-track EP and is all of this and more. A structurally complex, unpredictable yet smooth and satisfying piece of alternative RnB – one that tips its hat to trip hop and The Weeknd all at once, but ultimately plays into the identity and aura that is strictly SUNDERWORLD. A brilliant song, addictive and artistically crafted so as to allows itself the space and time within which to evolve and deeply represent its underlying sentiments.

Shadowplay. follows on and leads with a similar style of beat but a notably more intense, angst-driven vocal, occasionally distorted, and flickers of further darkness and turmoil – rain, screams, silence. A hard-hitting track that reaches out with that same sense of character but hits with a more direct level of impact. Contrast is utilized really well between the near-whispered, calming verses and the absolute weight and desperation of the hook.

Everything SUNDERWORLD does within his tracks is creatively expressive and intentional – ideas and feelings don’t emerge purely through the lyrics, but through every single building block that makes up the audio journey. For this reason, the songs on this project are incredibly immersive, and blissfully easy to escape within.

Langespeed. remains in keeping with the musical mood and style of the EP, but vocally and melodically it leans in something of a Lana Del Rey direction. The clarity of the voice during the verses, the loving details and the difficulties alike, the partly joyful and partly melancholic nature of the melody – all of this adds a refreshing touch of subtle eclecticism to the EP, finishing things up in a brilliantly impressive and equally engaging manner.

There’s undoubtedly something about the Orlando/Llorando Vol. 1 EP that calms and connects – the louder you listen, the stronger the effect. SUNDERWORLD puts an immense level of passion and creativity into his music, and the soundscapes and his vocal performances alike pour through as genuinely heartfelt, considerate, and faultlessly in tune with that process. Absolutely worth a listen, particularly the opening track.

Download the music via Bandcamp. Find & follow SUNDERWORLD on Twitter, Soundcloud & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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