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Submersive Beneath The Surface 016


Beneath The Surface 016 is an hour long episode of music from LA based artist and producer Submersive. As a listening experience, this is one that surrounds and submerges you – cleverly, relevantly – in a blissfully atmospheric and intricate world of progressive trance and psy-trance. The journey is one that connects in an instant, and if you let it – it will carry your thoughts and your feelings along for the full extent of the release.

The music is deeply rhythmic, ambient and captivating at every step, but much more than this – the creator presents a series of moments, of stories and ideas, all of which come through by means of these structurally complex compositions. Each new piece comes complete with unpredictable samples, sounds, effects, and snippets of spoken word that add a further level of intrigue and drama to an already compelling and incredibly satisfying audio experience.

As is only ever the way with electronic music that has been masterfully crafted and polished, this is the sort of project that you can, and most definitely should, listen to at high volumes. The increase in pace and intensity as things progress is immensely euphoric, it instills within you a feeling of urgency – as the beat picks up, the industrial energy of the soundscape follows, and the whole thing takes over you like an almighty hit of intoxication. And it doesn’t stop there. Submersive creates and completes this hour long experience without a single moment of carelessness or filler. The strength of the music is unwavering, as is the skill and certainty with which it has been mixed.

If ever you’re seeking a soundtrack for the climax of your weekend, this is the place to go. The music is all at once nostalgic and overwhelmingly unfamiliar – professional in build, innovative in essence, impressive in every respect.

Trance, in my opinion, is the continuation of what the earliest humans discovered: the connection between music & soul. That’s what I aim to accomplish with every one of my songs.” – Submersive.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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