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Stony Boy Where The Party At (Official Video)


Energetically aligning a heavy, anthem-like hip hop soundscape, with an equally hard-hitting vocal line, Stony Boy’s Where The Party At brings every bit of volume and rhythm the title implies.

While there’s a classic hard-rap vibe to the track and the way the whole thing flows through, there’s also a lot of personality to be found in Stony Boy’s lyrics and performance. From his accent and story-telling, to his self-awareness and contrasting imagination or fantasies about the good times, the track introduces an artist with a clear style and tone that’s unique to himself right now.

Meanwhile, this haunting hip hop riff descends in the backdrop, almost like the final stage of some high-stakes game show, and the accompanying visuals work hard to further that conceptual authenticity and character alike.

Fusing the set-up and specifics of studio life, with the debauchery and carefree mindset of an all-nighter, Where The Party At proves both nostalgic and fresh, hitting with simple intentions but showcasing the style and identity of Stony Boy in the same instance.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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