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Stevski7 Invited To Fly


Stevski7‘s increasingly renowned rock depth emerges in the form of yet another striking yet this time delicate and contemplative single – the beautifully poetic, acoustic and distorted fusion Invited To Fly.

Ever-reflective in a notably human fashion, the sound is recognisable as Stevski7, but leans towards the stripped-back organic takes from heavier bands back in the day.

From the outset, the acoustic guitar strums out a pattern almost Wonderwall-esque in the first two chords, soon finding its own route and later joining up with the electric guitars and the live hit of the drums.

As always, Stevski7’s accessible, hypnotic vocal provides a sort of listing format of poetic observations, provoking deeper thought and quickly enchanting the listener with both lyric and melody.

The song’s hook has a touch of Bowie to it at first, but again Stevski7 soon finds his unique route, and ultimately it’s the title concept, the falling resolve of that hook, which lingers and aptly invites the listener to stay, to re-listen, and to fly.

Download or stream Invited to Fly here. Check out Stevski7 on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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