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Stevski7 Something Wrong You Said


Original rock of humble yet devoted origins, Stevski7 has crafted a beautifully poetic, moving anthem with the mighty and emotive Something Wrong You Said.

Pouring through with the simple nostalgia of grunge akin to the likes of Audioslave initially, the single leads with a familiar guitar tone and progression, then blends in a fresh sense of scenery and story, for a walk through music’s past that’s invitingly original.

That initial grunge tone is gentle yet recognisable, though when the hook comes into play we’re transported into a more lo-fi alt-rock realm – an indie chorus that increases the weight and vocal passion in a rhythmically hypnotic way.

Here Stevski7 finds a sound unique to their creative intention, and as the guitar solo strikes later on we’re reminded of the breadth of influence but more notably the sheer connection to the subject matter; the emotion of the writing, which allows the song to feel so genuine.

Really nicely crafted and also written from a place of authentic, relevant contemplation. The writing style and the voice breathe new life into the modern rock scene. I look forward to hearing more.

Check out Stevski7 on Twitter or his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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