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Steven Anthony Closure


Not even reaching the two-minute mark, Closure is as concise and heartbreaking as its title implies.

Steven Anthony drives with a simple hit of acoustic guitar finger-picking, complete with the raw subtle screech of the strings to lay bare an intimate, real-time aura, and an array of vocal harmonies that quickly weave a calming, comforting web around listeners.

The sound falls somewhere amidst the indie songwriter artists known for infusing world music vibes into their sound – Nick Mulvey comes to mind, among others. Really though, the set-up here is blissfully simply, kept organic and genuine throughout, and the result is a beautifully authentic delivery that’s about as close to the live show (the real thing) as can be.

The song’s poetic lyricism is something that connects a little more intensely the second time around – generally it’s the feel of the music, the emotive vocal sound, the reverb and distance implied by the finish. In any case, Steven Anthony has crafted something wonderfully pure and deeply human with this single. Hopefully there’s more music on the way.

Download or stream the song here. Check out Steven Anthony on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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