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Steve Savona Basically Me


From the instantly likable songwriter who brought us the folk-pop gem The Way To Be, Steve Savona delves into the true variety and presence of his sound, with the eclectic and anthem-loaded album Basically Me.

Firing up its engines with the infectious pop-rock swagger and pace of Coming into Los Angeles, the project is quick to showcase the versatility of Steve’s sound, and also the clear fact that songwriting is an unwavering strength.

Despite the changing energy and tone of each track, the central appeal remains – the melodies, the scenes, the relatable vibe and the raspy vocal character. Those roots hold Basically Me together well, and the 11-song album proceeds to unite aspects of Americana, Pop, Rock and Folk throughout.

Consider the shift to an almost grunge-like Long Wait For The End of Time, nineties-esque yet still catchy, provocatively contemplative in a way that’s naturally accessible and relevant to all.

These deeper issues crop up throughout Basically Me, the likes of Bipolar Throne and Overacting laying bare vulnerability and depth that connects on a refreshingly honest level. And as ever, we move from harder rock to acoustic beauty with these two songs, and always Steve balances personal integrity with devout audience awareness.

A beautifully enjoyable, eclectic and thoughtful album, with an overall good vibes energy and timeless harmonic warmth that’s addictive to get lost within.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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