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Steve Savona The Way To Be


Organic folk-pop brings shakers and acoustic guitar to the forefront, as Steve Savona sets the mood to uplifted and light, with The Way To Be.

Professionally crafted and structured with a keen ear for melodic satisfaction, The Way To Be emerges with a clear sense of timeless pop connection. We progress from the simple strum of the intro, a little Riptide-esque in its rhythm and brightness, towards a multi-vocal chorus that’s quick to inject an anthemic warmth and resolve to proceedings.

Emerging complete with an animated set of visuals for the lyrical accompaniment, The Way To Be offers the story-telling of a simpler era, a sense of individuality and third-party reflection that ties in well with the natural embrace of the musical evolution. The story feels genuine, captivating in its revelations, yet also free enough from detail – vague enough – to be made the listener’s own. That balance works well, and again shines light on the clearly experienced writing style of Steve Savona.

An easy must to warm up the winter months ahead, a story of uncertainty elevated by brightness of musicality, complete with guitar solos and a big-band finish of choir and organic instruments all united – The Way To Be is an easy track to love this season.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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