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STEREOSIGHT are a band with a nostalgic, almost goth-rock outlook. It’s a refreshing sound and style to witness these days, and in addition, their songwriting brings something else entirely to the table.

From the beginning, this sense of space and drama allows the poignant yet quiet emotion of the leading voice to pierce through the silence. Then you get the build-up, slow but certain, and this marching, chaotic, tumbling drum-line. Hints of electronic rock flicker into view, hints of orchestral influence, almost creatively relevant to the changing energy of the lyrics and the vocal delivery.

From a songwriting perspective, I’ll Pray For You rises up and envelops the listener in a powerful fashion. You can only imagine the weight and intensity a live show would bring. The band unite to a mighty degree for the hook – this long-form moment of heightened passion and energy is flawlessly presented.

There’s longing in the lyrics, questioning, resentment, anger, uncertainty, thoughts of the grand plan – the title makes a strong implication, but the true depths of the story can only be understood by listening in full. The artistry of the arrangement helps create a sense of lostness within the music, so these thoughts provoked by the lyrics find plenty of time to gather momentum.

Almost reaching the six-minute mark, this is a composition with direct, unwavering intention. There’s a story at work, and STEREOSIGHT have committed to expressing that by whatever means necessary. For all of these reasons, I’ll Pray For You is a uniquely striking release, more than worthy of a listen amidst 2020’s already vibrant musical landscape.

Stream or download the single here. Check out their previous single Ghost Of The Past. Find & follow STEREOSIGHT on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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