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Stereosight Ghost of the Past


Art rock in full force, dramatic and haunting, intriguing vocals introduce this break-through single from Stereosight.

Offering precisely the journey and intensity implied by the title – a certain darkness, a rising weight and multiple layers of detail – Ghost Of The Past rises up from theatrical beginnings to a full-throttle fusion of rock, pop, and neo-classical instrumentation.

From a songwriting perspective, the set-up, intention and development here seems to fall somewhere between the likes of Depeche Mode and My Chemical Romance. There are so many moments, and the build-up is captivating and loaded with identity. At the same time, it’s really like neither of the above, and as the latter half of this near five minute epic emerges, you’re well and truly aware that this is something of its own.

Taking a concept, a specific idea and undertone, and allowing the moment and the sheer artistry of creativity to lead the way, is precisely what has crafted this release. Not genre or a desire to reach a particular audience, just the story that needs to be told, and the music and performance that allow that to most effectively occur.

From moments of raw rock chaos to intricate designs and retro riffs, from quiet whispers to passionate outbursts and soulful near-screams, Ghost Of The Past underlines its theme and its point in a consistent and fascinating way. In addition, the musical aspects are more than a little impressive. A strong performance in every way. It will be interesting to hear what else comes through from Stereosight in the near future.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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