STASH STANTON - say now - Stereo Stickman



Simple yet satisfying dual-riffs offer a guitar-led introduction into this genre-blending, brief yet contemporary and thoughtful new single from STASH STANTON.

Creating an immediately mellow, reflective mood, with gentle finger-picking and equally delicate vocals, all soaked in reverb, the song adopts a dreamlike aura to tell a story of intimacy and vulnerability.

Far from an industry standard at under two minutes long, say now feels like a quiet burst of longing and passion – the softness of the delivery and the set-up are contrasted by the sense of desperation in the lyrics and the tired vocal tone.

As the track progresses, these subtle layers intertwine more intensely, building upon a rising level of energy and poignancy, which reinforces the emotion at the centre of the writing.

Say now makes fine use of a select few lyrics that talk on change and uncertainty, seemingly within a relationship – though a few moments dig a little deeper – ‘I don’t wanna die but I know that it’s coming’, as an example, lingers quite boldly amidst the dreamy, hypnotic calm of the soundscape.

A short yet striking experience, with a notably modern presentation and a genuinely contemplative intention from STASH STANTON. Hopefully there’s more music to come.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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