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Introducing a musically exuberant album, from a rapper and songwriter with a uniquely recognisable voice in both story and sound. SR.Gent paints a clear picture with his bars throughout RIPPLES, offering a classic set of flows and an unmistakable tone that’s easily identifiable.

Body as an opening track encapsulates these qualities, employing a dreamy yet mildly industrial soundscape that’s both familiar and refreshing, and topping this off with scenes that naturally captivate. A storyteller with a fierce ability on the mic, and Ripples in full proceeds to underline this.

Highlights from the fourteen-track album include the heavy bass and catchy hook of a road-ready Cruise. The ideal kind of hip hop song to vibe to on the commute or, aptly, the late-night cruise. Here Gent utilises faster-paced bars during the verses and resolves them with a simple, mellow loop for a hook.

Later on, Last Time brings in atmospheric design for a quick shift in gears – oriental flavours and an intimate fusion of melody and rap. Even in this new setting, the SR.Gent voice remains unmistakable, and here we get to see strength of songwriting reach yet another peak.

What You Said also stands out for similar reasons, a welcomed guitar riff and ambient sense of space, a beautiful melody and another heartfelt story that’s easy to connect with. Gent’s talent is matched by his willingness to be genuine, to speak on real emotions and not in an overly scornful way. That realism is essential, it’s not all good vibes – just mostly – and this track in particular follows an impressively versatile flow and pace, as well as promising one of the strongest backing grooves of the project. A personal favourite.

During the latter half we get further dashes of soulful, organic musicianship. Love Ain’t Here is a fine example, passionate and infectious in its looping tunes, colours and contemplations, with quirky and expressive verses that again shine light on another side to the inherently eclectic SR.Gent.

Afterwards, Heartless reflects further on relationship turmoil, with a brilliant guitar rhythm and beat keeping things fresh once again. The consistency of Gent’s writing, in blending skilful bars with engaging production and simple yet striking hooks, is unrivaled, and RIPPLES celebrates that ability at volume.

One final track worth mentioning is the soulful and sax-kissed Lost Love – another story of personal reflection alongside directly addressing those past loves.

The honesty and gratitude here is compelling, Gent’s truthful and emotive character or identity is again unparallel amidst the current hip hop landscape. His style is familiar yet not, and this project offers so many hits that are both impressive and a pleasure to vibe to.

Really nicely done – a hip hop collection and artist well-worth knowing about.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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