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Souleye Launches New Single ‘Float Away’, from 2024 Album ‘Floating in Plasma’


Gentle hi-hats, meandering bass, faultless flows and divine contemplations – California rapper and artist Souleye ignites the essence of self-reflection, with another musical gem in the form of the aptly ethereal Float Away.

Naturally an earworm, beautifully produced and delivered with equal parts character distinction and accessible a warmth, Float Away is easily one of the most recognisable tracks from the globally established Souleye. The single begins with a careful jazz-hip hop kind of old-school arrangement, soon broadened by a unique electronic synth riff and echoing fragments of voice; which back up a naturally captivating set of bars.

Souleye’s lyrics have always been on another level, gripping you from the start and ultimately revealing more than a few insightful and often inspiring sentiments that linger after listening. When you combine this with a fairly simple yet distinct and enjoyable soundscape, and a humble yet melodically satisfying hook, the results connect in an unparalleled way. Float Away marks a fine example of that sort of chemical perfection.

‘Let it all out and let it all in‘ resounds amidst this ambient, organic musical realm. The whole thing is easy going yet engages the imagination and memories of the listener in a deeply personal way. The song is quite stunning to let yourself escape into, and makes for a brilliant introduction to the upcoming and no doubt unmissable album Floating In Plasma.

Souleye remains one of hip hop’s hardest working and most conscious and heartfelt artists, and as ever, the creative originality of his music continues to elevate those strengths.

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