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Soofy Ego Driven


Finding music that saves you in some way, is undoubtedly the most rewarding part of discovering and writing about new songs. In the case of Soofy, delicately rhythmic and intimate production meets with softly emotive vocal work, deeply human lyricism, and a quiet rain of detail; building atmospheric bliss and ultimately offering powerful respite from the weight of the world. And that’s just Ego Driven – a song not blatantly focused on the theme of purity, but kind of leaning in that direction by means of the concept and these references to lies, the self, the ego; there’s an implication of realism being craved.

Soofy goes on to soothe and intrigue, to connect on a level that could immerse even the most distant of listeners. This gentle trip-hop ambiance, led by organic piano, creates a mood that’s all at once raw, real, and gorgeously dreamlike. A few simple layers, intricate moments, repeat in a manner that slowly lulls you into a place of peaceful reflection, and that can mean so much to a music fan who has lost their way for whatever reason.

Elsewhere throughout his catalogue, Soofy exercises a certain musical prowess and simultaneous level of creative freedom with naturally flowing poetic expression.

On Comes and Goes, a country folk aura emerges amidst a melancholic outpouring of similarly passionate and often heart-breaking lyricism and performance. On To Be Inspired, a simple distorted guitar appears to free-style its way through a Jeff Buckley-style moment of beautifully calm and inspiring soul.

Stunning. And on goes the journey – a playlist of original songs, from an artist who clearly writes in the moment, unconcerned by genre or mainstream attention. For all of these reasons, Soofy is absolutely an artist worth knowing about. Thinking is particularly powerful, but far from the only stand-out.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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