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Sonomaris Million


It may be a somewhat less than articulate introduction, but this is a really great song.

Sonomaris are a band who offer something partly familiar yet also notably fresh – crisp and clean guitar riffs, contrasted by warm, likable bass-lines, and an up-front, intimate and subtly characterful leading voice.

Million utilises contrast to a superb degree. The whole set-up feels brilliantly nostalgic, awesomely passionate – proceeding to whisper then scream out on behalf of your anxieties; always melodically, always with a certain poetic lyrical intention that again feels genuinely new.

This feels like a Pearl Jam inspired effort to me. The lyrics strike suddenly, every once in a while – ‘You never were the centre of attention..‘. Meanwhile, that riding bass-line wraps around you, the organic, raw drum-work creates a powerful live scene feel. And every once in a while, the weight and intensity falls away, to lay bare once again the acoustic softness of that intro.

The leading vocalist carries the changing stages of the song with apparent ease – a natural performer, with a clear connection to the song’s underlying sentiments; and the entire creative process. From Bowie-like beginnings to a bold and bright rock hook, the whole thing impresses, satisfies, and offers a refreshing hit of escapism with absolute heart and soul at its core. I look forward to exploring the rest of their catalogue.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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