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Somber Skies Suffering


Staten Island Progressive Metalheads Somber Skies elevate their already rising name with yet another skilful and devoted fusion of intensity and conceptual depth, with the fierce exploration of mental turmoil that is Suffering.

Featuring soaring instrumental work, the near six-minute epic cascades around listeners with equal parts weight and delicacy, approaching the subject matter and story from the perspective of an individual confined and lost within the chaos of their own mind.

From the sheer scream of metal to the structural evolution of progressive rock to the uninhibited lyrical presence of indie songwriting, uninhibited and open, Suffering injects a timeless and musically compelling edge of artistic intention into modern metal and djent.

Fearlessly delving into the topic of declining mental health, that of depression and anxiety slowly but surely spiralling towards the seemingly unparalleled exit that is suicide, Suffering accesses an all too common thread from modern living, and does so in a manner that feels authentically relevant, aptly powerful, undeniably dark, and unrelenting.

Somber Skies bring faultless musicianship to the stage as ever, lead by a vocalist of versatility and focus, meandering through the stages of the song and of personal distress in a way that captivates and consistently evokes emotion.

Despite the heavy approach, contrast is masterfully utilised, and the single Suffering manages to hit with significantly different impact to the band’s former releases. The juxtaposition speaks volumes on what we can hopefully anticipate in the coming months and years.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. These clowns sent a cease and desist letter to a band called somber skies that was established in 2020. They have yet to play a show or build any real following. The REAL Somber Skies is from Arizona and has played with so many killer bands. Instagram( )

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