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SnapDibz My Life (Feat. Rey)


Mastering the visual and audio storytelling space and making sure to weave in a memorable hook in the process, SnapDibz returns on top form this season, with My Life.

Featuring a gripping storyline that’s personal in lyric but relatable and broadly compelling in the accompanying video, SnapDibz recreates the story of the Karate Kid with My Life’s visual counterpart, depicting a child’s reaction to being bullied and ultimately finding his strength. Meanwhile the music relays a tale designed to engage with and inspire those who are struggling to find their way.

The lyrics are authentic, not loaded with self-celebration but focused on possibility even in the face of struggle and social separation or division. There’s reference to the lies of the media, and to societal issues overall. It’s relatable, it connects, and the hook effectively proves deeply moving as it wraps up the progression. The track even features a few quirky references for subtle humour and fun amidst the surrounding depth, but things feel all the more genuine and likable for this fusion of traits.

Built around a classic drumline and retro-electronic production, My Life kicks into gear with its evocative and uplifting hook – a passionate performance from singer Rey, and a brilliantly soulful introduction to this heartfelt, revealing and inspiring release.

There’s a nostalgic quality to the set-up of My Life, the chords rise and fall in a classic mainstream fashion, mildly retro by nature but somehow still crisp and clean enough to feel like a genuine potential hit within the current scene. The chorus resounds and lingers after listening, and there’s a timeless weight to its emotional grip, which manages to stand the test of even the most musically saturated days. SnapDibz is set up to make waves this summer.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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