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SM6 Panic


An ever-thoughtful SM6 kick off the summer with a fiercely compelling new single – one that hits with impressive impact, and boldly addresses the precise implications of its title.

Balancing electro-pop delicacies with grittier and even explosive pop-punk moments for the hook, the song Panic aptly and artistically encapsulates its very concept throughout both the performance and arrangement. As our protagonist details the noise and confusion of anxiety or the panic attack at hand, the music reacts and reflects this accordingly.

From quiet contemplation to outright screams of uncertainty and desperation, Panic showcases a creative edge of freedom from both genre and the confines of secretive living. As such, the well-timed release during Pride month gives the song all the more value and heart, reaching out to connect with any and all who’ve spiralled into a similar state of Panic whenever their own identity has come into question.

It’s a job really well done, from a band consistently breaking down the barriers of mainstream music with new pop flavors that are fearlessly honest and often quiet raw. The writing and delivery unite brilliantly here, and everything from the lyrics to the melodic development to the production feels authentically fresh.

Download or stream Panic here. Check out SM6 on Instagram & TikTok or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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